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Arilla Chapter 7 part1
7. The big mountain, part1
Arilla opened the backpack that grandma gave to her and put a hand into it. Before she could grab something the backpack started to enlarge, bigger and bigger until it became a small house.
It was perfect for the place where they were because it enlarged all around and not really much in height. There was a small red heart shaped door that opened immediately.
They stepped in. It was nice, a fireplace was already alight and a crackling fire rendered warm all the living room.
There was a small kitchen full of things to eat and something already cooked that seemed prepared by grandma.
"Wow! That's too nice!" exclaimed Arilla. The others couldn't even open their mouth for the surprise. But they were so tired that they just dropped themselves on the sofa and armchair.
After a while Strawberry just busted out "Oh nooo, I'm too hungry! Let's eat something!"
And at the same time the set up table that was in the kitchen floated in the middle of them.
They ate a lot an
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Arilla Chapter 6 part2
6. Naoki, part2
Arilla, Blueberry and Peach than said goodbye and headed for the path leaving Strawberry and the seahorse alone. They looked at each other and realized that they were scared. The place seemed darker and more creepy so they just ran after the others yelling "Wait, wait, we're coming too!" and they laughed all together. The decision was made. Everybody knew that from that point onward it would be difficult and tough but they didn't mind. They were together.
This was probably another teaching that grandma wanted to give her. You cannot do everything alone every time. It's right to make your decisions but then it's possible that you need help. And if you do, you can just ask your friends. Arilla was greatly relieved to know that the girls were going with her, although she was sure to go alone if necessary.
The path was darker and darker as they walked in. Now the foliage was made up by seaweed and coral. The three sisters' glow wasn't enough to see even a few steps ahead. T
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Arilla Chapter 6 part1
6. Naoki, part1
They stopped exactly in the middle of the fork looking around. Peach and Strawberry each swam to one of the paths.
"Oh this is still red!"said Strawberry.
"This too!" said Peach disappointed.
"And now?" asked Arilla.
"I think you have to choose honey!" said Blueberry.
"Why me?" asked Arilla.
"Because we're just going with you! But this is your journey, you have to decide, I'm afraid" answered Blueberry "But whatever you decide, we'll be with you!" and smiled.
Arilla sat on the ground and began to think staring at the two paths, examining them and trying to catch every small difference. They looked exactly the same.
After a while they heard a strange noise from the right path. They got up scared and hugged each other. A few seconds later they saw a huge golden seahorse coming from there. He was really tired and looked worried as well. In fact, he didn't look dangerous at all!
"Hi Mr. Seahorse!" said Arilla releasing the sisters. She didn't feel worried but curious.
"Hi l
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Arilla Chapter 5 part2
5. The Red Path,part2
They all agreed and after a while they set off again. By that time Arilla' s  golden glow was gone, so the only feeble light was given by the three sisters light coloured glows. It was barely enough to see the red path. They were flying near the ground to render the coral sparkling.
"Oh, it's really creepy this wood right now" said Arilla shaking.
"I told you honey! Before it was easier with the golden glow but now we have to be careful!" said Peach.
"Why?" Arilla asked.
"Because of the huge sharks that live here! They usually patrol this wood to find good and juicy little girls like you!" said laughing Strawberry appearing from behind Arilla's back, causing her to jump frightened.
"Strawberry, that is not funny!" yelled Blueberry "That is not true honey, but we have to pay attention anyway"
They kept walking. Arilla didn't know how many hours passed since they left the house but she noticed that the water was becoming colder. She thought that, probably,
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Arilla Chapter 5 part1
5. The Red Path,part1
They woke up early in the morning, had their breakfast and set off to leave.
"Here dear, I've prepared something for your trip!" said the grandma handling a blue backpack to Arilla.
"Thank you so much grandma!" Arilla said and hugged her.
Arilla put the backpack on and with her new friends left the house from the backdoor where a reddish path, made with coral powder, was leading to a distant wood.
"Just follow the red path girls! It will put you on the right way to get to Death Land!" grandma said.
They set off, Arilla not without a little anxiety. She loved the three sisters but couldn't help it. She felt so protected with grandma that she was tempted to run back to her house. She realized, anyway, that this was probably what grandma meant to make choices and to grow up.
The morning was bright and some sunlight was filtering through the water making it warm.
Arilla looked around, it was full of coloured fields all divided by seaweed bushes and fences made with co
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Arilla Chapter 4 part2
4. New friends.Part2
"Good morning grandma!" she said.
"Good morning, honey! Come here, some seaweed coffee for you and here is a cake just out from the oven!"
Arilla ran towards the table feeling really hungry. She got two slices of cake. It was only after a while that she realized that Peach, Blueberry and Strawberry were eating sitting at the table.
"Good morning, girls!" said Arilla.
"Hi Arilla! 'Morning!" answered the three sisters in chorus.
"Oh Arilla, so you've met my other guests?" asked grandma smiling for she already knew the answer "I didn't tell you anything not to ruin the surprise!"
"Yes, and they are really nice! They said they'll come with me!"
"Oh, did they?!" exclaimed grandma amused "I think this is a great idea, so you won't feel alone!"
"Yes, I'm happy with that!" she said gratefully. At the very same moment they heard an "A-hem". It was the two sea stars feeling a bit offended.
"Oh, no, no worries girls, you are so useful! I couldn't do anything without you" and
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Arilla Chapter 4 part1
4. New friends.Part1
When they entered the room Arilla was charmed. She had never seen one so nice before! It was small but really comfortable. It was softly lit so it was possible to see what was around.
It seemed that someone had just dug the whole room in a natural cave, in fact the surface was irregular. But it was shiny as well like it was full of jewels set in the stone.
They were sparkling, reacting with the light coming from the lamp on the bedside table.
The lamp was made with some seaweed planted in a shell and the light was coming from inside and continuously changed colour: light blue, pink, and orange.
"Wow, what is that light, grandma?"
"You go there and have a look! This room will be yours while you stay here! I'll see you in the morning! Good night my dear" said grandma and closed the door. Arilla was so curious and excited that she wasn't tired at all. She ran to the bedside table, pushed away the seaweed and peeped inside.
There were three little mermaids with small b
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Arilla Chapter 3 part2
3. Grandmother. Part 2
By the time Arilla finished eating they arrived at Mr. Dolphin's grandma's house. It was made of pink and emerald green rocks, surrounded by coral of every thinkable colour. They walked through this strange garden and entered the house. It was small and snug.
"Hi grandma! Are you here? It's me, Paulien!"
"Oh my dear Paulien!" Arilla heard an old voice coming from the other room. After few seconds appeared an old dolphin with spectacles on her nose and a bright yellow apron, bringing a tray full of chocolate crab shaped cookies. She left the tray on the table and ran to hug Paulien.
"What an incredible surprise! How are you, honey?! It's been ages since I met you last!" said the grandma hugging him. It seemed she didn't want to let him go.
"And who is your little friend?" asked noticing Arilla after a while.
"Oh yes, this is Arilla, grandma. She is the youngest princess of Mories" she gave a gracious bow to the old lady.
"Oh, is she? So, what about a cup of Ocean
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Arilla Chapter 3 part1
3. Grandmother. Part 1
Shiny Deep was clearly a lively city full of colours and lights. As far as Arilla could see it was crowded with people.
They started to go down. They were heading to what it looked like the main square.
"Mr. Dolphin, what are you doing here? Are you a trader?"
"Yes, I am. But now I'm just visiting. My grandma lives here!"
"I see" she said.
"And by the way who are you? Where are you coming from?" the dolphin asked.
"Oh yes, how impolite, my name is Arilla and I'm the youngest princess of Mories"
"Mories eh?! Yes, I know it!" said the dolphin.
"Really?!" asked Arilla pleased and surprised at the same time. And immediately after that "Hem, I have a question for you Mr. Dolphin: why could you understand me and why could I understand you without the little sea stars?"
"Well, little princess, I travelled a lot during my life. I've spent hours with sailors on the surface and near the shores. And in my travels I spent many days in Mories as well! People are so nice!"
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Arilla Chapter 2
2. Shiny Deep
And the day came, so the queen, although really sad that she couldn't say farewell to Arilla, had to go.
There was a huge procession. Everybody wanted to say goodbye to their beloved queen.
"My dear wife, I'll reach you soon" said the King.
"So this is just a goodbye my love" said the queen "And farewell to you my dearest sons and daughters. Just tell Arilla I love her. I love all of you and it's with great pain I'm leaving" then she turned away and started to climb the wooden boarding bridge leading to the ship.
But as result of the huge crowd nobody noticed little Arilla, who snuck out of her bedroom and followed the procession.
She hid in a little slope behind the principal dock and watched everything from far away. She was really sad, she didn't understand why her mother had to leave; she didn't want to let her go. Lost in her thoughts she didn't notice the level of the water that was rising, wetting her shoes first and then her dress.
The ship started to move and gre
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Arilla Chapter 1
Mories was the kingdom located in the north-west part of Sonrisa' s main island. It was surrounded by the sea on the north and west and bordered on the south with Black Dragon Kingdom and Etysop Land.
It was said that in this country all the most skilled craftsmen were born. It didn't matter which kind of craft you were talking about. The handicraft was the most important thing in Mories,
and, as a consequence, the trade was vital for the economy of this kingdom too.  There was a huge lively market constantly held between Sparia, the first town you meet coming from the Etysop Land, and the castle. The rest were fields of cereal or fruit trees.
In the market they sold everything. If you wanted to find something strange or rare you could be sure to find it in Mories market.
Although the natives were of human kind, there were loads of people coming from all over the country to trade, to buy and to sell their own items.
The royal family was one of the most loved in the h
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The golden ornament
The golden ornament
Not far from their Japanese style pension there was a second hand shop which sold typical geisha dresses and garments. Linda with her nose glued to the window kept saying to her mother
"I want that golden ornament!"
"You've already bought a lot of stuff in Shijuku yesterday during our trip!"
"But I want it! It says 'buy me, you'll be beautiful'!" wailed Linda.
"You're already beautiful without it, honey"
"Yes, exactly what the boys say in school!"
"Don't mind them right now!" laughed the mother.
Linda was upset because she absolutely wanted that ornament. The golden stick ending in a goldfish shape was irresistible. She spent hours glued to the shop window. She just wanted it and even stopped to eat. She became even more obedient than she already was, just to have her ornament. In her mind it was already her property! Her mother just couldn't stand it anymore and considering she had no reason not to, she decided to buy her ornament.
It was in Kyoto that everything h
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Once upon a time there was a woman living alone in a small house outside the village. She lived by herself as her husband died years before and her children, now adults, left the house to live on their own.
Outside the house there was a small vegetable garden where the old woman grew potatoes, carrots and a few other vegetables. She never had guests. Once a week she went to the village and bought at the grocers shop what she needed to go on for a few days.
She was leading a humble life and as the years passed by she became used to living alone and not talking with anybody. Everybody in the village knew her story, but nobody ever visited her because she became a selfish, grumpy bad old lady.
The truth was that she felt sick and tired, but nobody wanted to stay with her, not even her own children. She felt very sad about that but she didn't know what to do to reverse the situation. She was too proud to tell people she was sorry and that she needed help and company.
It was a winter night
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Marian and Grace
Marian and Grace
That evening after work Marian was going back home at 5 as usual, following the well known shortcut. It'd take only five minutes' walk. Suddenly she saw something she shouldn't have seen. Two men with black dresses and hoods were coming out from a house climbing over the wall around the garden. They were dragging  two huge sacks full of God knows what!
She was scared and just closed her eyes in fear, not knowing what to do but hoping she wouldn't have been seen.
Marian was a 22 year old ordinary girl. Blond untidy hair always tied behind her neck. Blue eyes always hidden by heavy framed glasses. She didn't need them but they were a good way to cover herself. She worked in a supermarket as a cashier. It was a local one, so she saw the same people every day.
Likewise every day she worked 8 to 5 shift, every day walked the same way to work, every day eat the same meals. Her life was a routine but it couldn't be different anyway. It had always been like this due
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Ghost's trick
"We are so similar, Lillian, like two drops of water coming from the same spring! I've always known that, but you'll find out and you remember my words when you turn 20!"
That was something that her grandmother used to tell Lillian when she was really young. She didn't understand what she was talking about, she just used to reply "Grandma, it's impossible, we're too different, you have loads of wrinkles and I don't have them!"
"You'll see honey" she used to answer.
Then when Lillian was ten her grandma died and she felt like a part of her was going away forever.  Everybody said that this happened because she was a really sensitive girl.
She didn't know why that day she was thinking of this particular episode of her life. She was on her way to work and the weather was awful. So windy and dark. It was actually 7 in the morning but everything was pitch black. The streets were empty and the solitary light was reflecting its dull orange shadow on the ground.
Lillian thought it wou
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Betty la cuoca guerriera ep.4
La strada era vuota, e tutto intorno era tranquillo. Gli uccellini cantavano a festa e salutavano le due pinguine con il loro canto.
“Buon giorno belle pinguine! Dove andate di bello?” chiese l’uccellino rosso.
“Siamo in missione speciale uccellino rosso!” rispose Marika.
“Ahh e che tipo di missione?” chiese l’uccellino blu.
“Non possiamo dirlo!” rispose Betty questa volta guardandosi attorno.
“Lo sai cara pinguina che fuori dal villaggio ci saranno moltissimi pericoli?” intervenne un corvo gracchiando. Era appollaiato su un ramo poco distante e si reggeva con un bastone. Era molto vecchio.
“Che cosa vuoi dire vecchio corvo?” chiese Betty
“Attenta Betty! I corvi sono presagio di sventura!” disse Marika nascondendosi dietro le spalle della cugina.
“Che cosa dici!” disse Betty divertita “L’unica sventura per un corvo è quella di essere cucinato al forno con patate e cipolle!” Mar
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